The Easter holidays are highly welcomed as it is a break from work and the hassles that come with everyday living especially if you live in a city like Lagos. As the holidays draw nearer, here are 3 tips for you.

  1. Stay hydrated.

Yes! Don’t just drink sugary and alcoholic drinks. You need water as well. When you are hydrated, you’re likely to be in a better mood and also sleep better. Drinking enough water helps keep the body organs functioning, regulate your body temperature, prevent the development of infections, and keeps joints lubricated.


2. Don’t forget your supplements.

Taking dietary supplements provide the body with vitamins and minerals which may be lacking from your diet. Need advice on what supplement you should be taking? Please comment or send us a message via our social media (@baykinsgroup on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter). 

3. Rest!

Rest is important for better health, concentration, a better immune and metabolic system. Are you getting enough rest? See our blog post on sleeping better here



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